Trees in Malmö

Trees in Malmö

Camilla Anderson, Patrick Bellan, Gunnar Ericson
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Malmö is perceived as a green city despite the fact that it is unusually close between the houses. Not least, all the city's trees contribute to this inviting impression.

The trees are found in our large parks, in the many squares, as care trees in cramped urban spaces and along streets and cycle paths. Wherever Malmö residents stay, the trees are their companions.

Characteristic in Malmö is that almost all trees are planted. There has been a conscious thought and action behind a tree being planted and allowed to grow. The reasons vary and are many. They beautify urban spaces. They have fascinating properties, sheer flowering or beautiful branches and foliage. They give life and shade between tall buildings and improve the climate.
Both very common and unusual, exotic trees are found in Malmö. In "Trees in Malmö", 163 different trees and tree groups are described. You can read about the Malmö trees' "top ten" and the trees that stand for the spring's flowering euphoria. Here, the cut arcades and the unique care trees are presented.

Here the trees are described with their own stories and those that come from all corners of the world. Last but not least - the big old trees that lived a long and rich life.

Author: Camilla Anderson, Patrick Bellan, Gunnar Ericson
Measure: 225 x 285 mm Hardcover 240 pages