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BEAST Studio

Print your little heart out!

Print your little heart out!

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Print your little heart out - BEAST Studio

Rice printed poster

At BEAST Studio, we often get questions about how the different colors come out on paper. In response, they designed a double-sided poster that on one side lines up the 14 colors of blobs in straight rows, while the back is a playful version where the blobs are placed overlapping, creating new colors and combinations with the text "Print your little heart out!" set in bold negative typography on top.

The fact that the text is based on the spaces between all 14 colors guarantees that there will be some kind of mismatch. It is to some extent an unavoidable part of rice printing, so we choose to embrace it in the design.

This is a print that is all about printing; about the physical effort the feed wheels and ink put on the paper on its way through the machine; about how the paper, the ink, the different colors and the spaces come together into a whole that is greater than the individual parts; and about the joy of putting your whole little heart into the printing process.


Format : Double-sided A3 (297 × 420 mm)
Color: Fluorescent Pink, Bright Red, Fluorescent Orange, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Medium Blue, Purple, Metallic Gold, Brown, Light Grey, Black
Paper: Munken Pure 120 gsm

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