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Anders Rydell & Elva Herdevall

Modern självhushållning

Modern självhushållning

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This is a self-management book for the 2020s. Alva Herdevall and Anders Rydell combine traditional methods with modern ideas to show that a higher degree of self-sufficiency is possible for everyone.

IN Modern self-catering you will learn the secrets of beekeeping, how to grow your own cut flowers and how to pick a duck. How to make gin and tonic from scratch, churn and sour butter and stir shoe wax. Turns killer snails into foie gras and rhubarb stalks into refreshing summer wine. And why not make skin cream, hatch chickens and make your own file bowl?

In their home outside Uppsala, Alva Herdevall and Anders Rydell run a small-scale household with flower growing, a kitchen garden, chickens, ducks and bees.

Nature&Kultur book publisher

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