Malmö Art Guide

Malmö Art Guide

Gunnar Ericson och Jacob Faxe
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Malmö has been transformed from a worn-out industrial city into a modern city of knowledge.

The cityscape and city life bear countless testimonies of this. Malmö residents and visitors are happy about the change and are happy to spread the message within and outside the country.
Public art is obviously part of the change. Many artists interpret their contemporaries more deeply than others and give urban spaces new values and symbols.

At the same time, all the small and large works in history remain. Together, year after year is illustrated in the city's development.
Malmö is one of the country's foremost art cities. This art guide wants to tell you about our contemporary works of art, about the new street art and about conceptual monuments.

It takes us to artistically designed playgrounds and lighting. It describes the many works of art of modernism from the 1950s to the 1970s.
Of course, the historical works of art that have grown into the Malmö soul are also presented. Those who have become part of the city's identity.

The art guide welcomes the curious reader to the city's artwork. Urban area for urban area, the works of art are described as after an imaginary walk. The work of the last 20 years has been given somewhat more space, for obvious reasons.

They are added during a "golden age" for public art. Many of Malmö's own artists are included, but also the country's foremost and several internationally renowned artists have enriched the urban spaces.

Authors: Gunnar Ericson and Jacob Faxe

130 x 240 mm 272 pages
Wire-O binding