The household handbook

The household handbook

Av Hans Reuterskiöld
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The Household Handbook (2017) is your help in everyday life! Have you spilled wax on the canvas or do you have a fish to fillet? All households need a guide. And here is the book that gives advice on household chores in large and small.

Here you learn step by step how to wash windows, wallpaper a wall and slice a chicken. You also get help with how to make a household budget, what to think about when you move into an apartment and how to act in the event of a burn.

Everyday life consists of many household chores: cleaning drains, taking care of potted plants, sorting rubbish, taking care of the car, hanging up a board. That and much more can be found in the Household Handbook.

Contents: The kitchen and the food • Clothing care • Cleaning • Handy at home • Plants • Electronics • The bicycle and the car • Economy • Safety and security • Beauty and health • Travel

Lists, tip boxes, step-by-step instructions and quotes make the book user-friendly. Perfect for those who have just moved away from home, but are suitable for anyone who has a home.Basic and in-depth knowledge is mixed with personal reflections and general tips. 

HANS REUTERSKIÖLD is a journalist and self-taught fixer. This is a revised and expanded edition of his previous Household Internship, which in 2010 was named by the Meal Academy as the best book of the year in its category.

Richly illustrated in color.

"A perfect gift ... Most people need a copy at home."

Language: Swedish

Number of pages: 159

Publisher: Ordalaget Bokförlag