The perfumed garden

The perfumed garden

Av Elin Unnes
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In the perfumer's farms grow ingredients for soap and beauty care, for food and drink, incense and detergent. And for the skilled alchemist essential oils. The fragrant garden is filled with beautiful, hardy plants that spread their perfume in winter and summer, day and night. It is an oasis for people and animals, full of nuances for people who cannot see the plants and full of memories for those who are forgetting everything.

But fragrant flowers are also a symbol of one thing in particular: sex. A fragrant garden symbolizes enjoyment. And with the right technology, the seductive essence of plants can be captured in jars and bottles.

The perfumed garden - Essences, incense, skin care & potpourri (2020) describes how to grow and harvest the Nordic garden's unique scents, with recipes for everything from rose butter and honeysuckle honey, to bath bombs and dry shampoo.

The artist Maja Forsslund has created the book's plant portrait painted with the color caput mortuum and photos were taken with a medium and large format camera.

Elin Unnes is a music and garden journalist. She has been the editor of Darling, Vice, Bon and Rodeo, and writes regularly for Dagens Nyheter and Allt om Trädgård. She has previously written the highly acclaimed books The SecretGardener (2014) and the sequel The herbarium (2016). The Secret Gardener (2014) was named Swedish Meal Literature of the Year in the Kitchen Garden Literature category and was described as "The most interesting and instructive book I have read this year" by Jan Gradvall in Dagens Industri. Elin lives in Stockholm's old Klarakvarter and once a year she takes the train to Paris to spend the winter on the continent.

Language: Swedish

Number of pages: 175

Publisher: Nature & Culture