The book about Wanja - A colorful design life

The book about Wanja - A colorful design life

av Kerstin Wickman
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The book about Wanja is not just a book about a person with endless creativity. It also tells what happened in the Swedish textile industry during the 1960s and early 1970s, about how fashion changed, how trade took command in design development and about new ideas about the product range in the 1970s, about how SJ and other companies used of profile-creating design around the year 1980, about designers' talents as entrepreneurs, about the renewal of Hemslöjden from the 1980s onwards, about the importance of cultural heritage for modern design and about how experiences from an area can fertilize other contexts.

Wanja Djanaieff has made major contributions to Swedish design, including as a designer and professor at Konstfack.

Wanja Djanaieff's design life has been richer in content than most. Her activities have spanned everything from pattern design to industry, clothing design, crafts, textile art, design of exhibitions, own and others. She has researched new applications of textile raw materials and old craft techniques. She has been and is an artist, mentor, lecturer and a God-fearing educator.

Textile, pattern, room have been the hub she moved around. The list of the textile industries she has collaborated with is long. The question is rather who she did not work for. She herself talks about "her motley design life".

Wanja describes a really unlikely success story. Against all odds, she became one of Sweden's foremost textile designers and a tireless injector of ideas.

Kerstin Wickman is a writer and journalist, prof.em., living in Stockholm. Wickman has been perhaps the most hired writer in recent decades when it comes to arts and crafts and form. She participates in trade press and newspapers, has published a number of books and been a teacher at Konstfack.

Written by Kerstin Wickman.
Published by Carlsson's publishers