Trulsa Holmqvist

Trulsa Holmqvist has wire instead of veins in her body. After 20 years of hand embroidery, Trulsa founded Malmö Embroidery in 2021 in a studio at Sorgenfri. There she offers machine embroidery on a small scale, both to order and with her own design.

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Where are you born?
Born in Kristianstad, raised in Malmö and Lund.

How old are you?
32 years.

Where do you live?
The moth.

What are you doing?
Embroidery, both by hand and on machine and crochet.

Favorite place?
The sea, the forest and the volcano Teide.

Favorite material?
Wool and cotton.

Favorite designer?
Koben Federa, William Morris.

Favorite color?
Leopard print.

what inspires you?
Shapes, letters, music.

Your vision/business idea?
I offer machine embroidery on a geeky level.

Biggest mistake?
The few times I braked instead of just driving on.

Dream project?
An exhibition with large embroideries where hand and machine techniques are combined.

The next project?
Right now I'm working towards an exhibition together with Filip Rahim Hansson who is in Stockholm in May, then we'll see what life brings.