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Sveriges Arkitekter på Form/Design Center



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What is an architecture that grows locally from its natural and cultural context? How can it be anchored and yet varied and searching, respecting history and context and at the same time be a starting point for innovation and an expression of its contemporaries?

The exhibition Define / Refine lifts the discussion about the role of architecture for a region's identity and character. It is based on the concept of Critical Regionalism, a concept that has been interpreted and deepened in the exhibition.

The five invited teams led by architects each highlight a scenario for a future architecture that is rooted in its region and place. These reflections exemplify a discourse in architecture, where tradition is allowed to meet at the same time, and the global meets local qualities and conditions in a specific place. These scenarios show neither comprehensive solutions nor answers, but should be seen as a starting point for a continued conversation about architecture, landscape and urban planning in this part of the world.

The catalog is designed by Andréason & Leibel

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